Bitaxe Supra

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Enjoy the Bitcoin mining experience with Bitaxe Supra featuring BM1368 ASIC chip ~ 700Ghs 12W

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Bitaxe Supra is a fully open-source Bitcoin ASIC miner equipped with the BM1368 ASIC chip from Antminer’s S21. This design ensures efficient and powerful mining capabilities, achieving ~700 GH/s at an energy efficiency of 17.5J/TH. It operates using a 5V DC 4A power supply connected via a 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack connector.

At the core of Bitaxe Supra is the combination of ESP-miner and AxeOS, an open-source firmware that empowers you with full control over your mining operations. The intuitive web interface simplifies setting adjustments and performance monitoring, making mining more accessible and streamlined.

Bitaxe Supra is the latest release of Bitaxe series hardware using the latest Bitmain chip.

Version: 401


  • Utilizes the BM1368 chip from Bitmain.
  • Requires a 5V power supply with at least 4A.
  • Operates exclusively on 2.4GHz wifi.
  • Easy configuration through the AxeOS portal.
  • Built-in configuration website for monitoring miner operational parameters, logs, and performing firmware updates.

As a Bitcoin enthusiast, mining with Bitaxe means that you’re making a significant contribution towards decentralizing Bitcoin mining, thereby strengthening the network’s resilience and integrity

While Bitaxe Ultra’s current mining capabilities position it as a solo miner, compatible with any solo mining pool, it’s important to manage expectations regarding its performance. Mining a block independently with Bitaxe Ultra is a challenging and highly improbable task. Due to its relatively modest mining power compared to larger setups, the likelihood of discovering a block before other more powerful miners is extremely low.

Bitaxe Supra was designed by @skot9000 with other contributors like @johnny9dev and @public-pool_BTC. You can check all this work at

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