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Enjoy the Bitcoin mining experience with NerdAxe featuring BM1366 ASIC chip ~ 500Ghs 12W

Product launch: 25 May 00:00 UTC+2
Processing time:  from 1 to 2 weeks.
Power supply: The power supply provided is selected based on the shipping address, ensuring compatibility with local electrical standards.

A contribuiton of each sell is shared with bitaxe team at OSMU community.


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NerdAxe is a fork from bitaxe Ultra with fullcolor display graphics, a fully open-source Bitcoin ASIC miner equipped with Antminer’s S19XP BM1366 ASIC chip.
NerdAxe is indented to be an expansion board for these who have a NerdMiner and would like to have more powerful mining features without losing the NerdMiner essence. That’s why NerdAxe is currently controlled by the common board used on Nerdminer project, the TTGO-TDisplayS3.

This design ensures an efficient and powerful mining capabilities, achieving 500 GH/s with an energy efficiency of 20 J/TH. It operates on a 5V DC power supply connected via a 2.5/5.5 mm barrel connector.

Nerdaxe uses a Bitronics custom version of ESP-miner and AxeOS, the open-source firmware designed by Bitaxe devs that grants you complete control over your mining operations. The intuitive web interface simplifies configuration adjustments and performance monitoring, making mining more accessible and streamlined.


  • Full graphic screens over 1.9 inch IPS screen.
  • Two accessible buttons
  • Bitmain’s BM1366AL chip.
  • Operates exclusively on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Requires a 5V power supply with at least 4A.
  • Easy setup via the AxeOS portal.
  • Built-in website for monitoring operational parameters of the miner, logs, and performing firmware updates.

Although the current mining capabilities of Nerdaxe position it as a solo miner compatible with any solo mining pool, it’s important to manage expectations regarding its performance. Mining a block independently with Nerdaxe is a challenging and unlikely task. Due to its relatively modest mining power compared to larger setups, the probability of discovering a block before more powerful miners is extremely low.

Nerdaxe was designed by @BitMaker_ but could not be possible without the previous work of @skot9000, @johnny9dev, @public-pool_BTC & other bitaxe devs.

Mining with the Nerdaxe is considered very difficult and highly unlikely, because its mining power is so small that the chances of finding the block before another miner are extremely low. This product in its current state should be considered more a gadget than a miner.

NerdAxe Screens

Nerdaxe has several screens that show you different relevant data about Bitcoin mining. Here you can see the more relevant

What your NerdAxe includes?

Nerdminer expansion kit – Without screen:

Do you have a NerdMiner board? The TTGO-TDisplayS3? With this kit you will receive only the board without the screen. You will need to assemble your miner following an instructive video and upload firmware. After this you will only have to setup your Wifi and BTC address. All process is guided and gives you educational resources.

NerdAxe assembled – With screen:

Ordering an assembled model will have everything ready and programmed. After receiving your it you will only have to setup your Wifi and BTC address. We include official Bitronics and TeamNerdMiner stickers, perfect for personalizing your mining space and showing your support for the community

These options allow you to configure your Nerdaxe exactly as you need it, ensuring a personalized and satisfactory experience. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact technical support via

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