NerdMiner Screens: A Detailed Look


The NerdMiner, an innovative device for Bitcoin enthusiasts, is equipped with various screens each providing crucial information for miners. In this post, we’ll explore each screen of the NerdMiner and the significance of the parameters displayed.

1. NerdMiner Screen: The Core of Mining Stats

The NerdMiner screen is the primary interface, displaying key mining statistics:

  • Hashrate: Indicates the mining power of the device, measured in kilohashes per second.
  • Block Templates Count: Shows the number of block templates processed.
  • Best Difficulty: Represents the highest level of computational difficulty encountered.
  • 32 Bits Share: A metric related to the probability of finding a valid block.
  • Valid Shares: This section shows if there is any winning share during the miner research.

2. Clock Miner Screen: Time and Mining in Sync

The Clock Miner screen combines functionality and information:

  • Time Display: Offers a stylish clock.
  • Bitcoin Price: The current market price of Bitcoin, an essential piece of information for miners.
  • Hashrate: Again, showcasing the device’s mining power.
  • Block Height: This indicates the current height of the blockchain, a crucial metric in understanding the mining process.

3. Global Stats Screen: The Bigger Picture

This screen provides an overview of global Bitcoin metrics:

  • Current Block: Displays the latest block in the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Bitcoin Price: Updated market price of Bitcoin.
  • Average Transaction Fee: The current average fee per transaction, an important factor in blockchain economics.
  • Current Maximum Difficulty: This shows the highest level of computational difficulty in the network, a key indicator of mining competitiveness.
  • Global Network Hashrate: A measure of the total mining power on the Bitcoin network.

4. Price Screen: Bitcoin’s Market Value

Focusing on the financial aspect, the Price Screen displays:

  • Bitcoin Price: Presented prominently, indicating the current market value.
  • Current Hashrate: Reflecting the mining power at any given moment.
  • Block Templates Remaining: Shows how many block templates are left to be processed, providing insight into the mining progress.


Each screen of the NerdMiner offers unique and vital information, catering to different aspects of Bitcoin mining and market dynamics. Understanding these parameters is key to any miner’s journey, offering insights into both the technical and economic facets of Bitcoin.

Next Steps

Ready to dive deeper into the world of Bitcoin mining with the NerdMiner? Explore these screens and embrace the rich data they offer to enhance your mining experience. Happy mining and exploring!

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