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Innovative and Stylish Bitcoin Tool

The LNBCARD is a revolutionary PCB designed to elevate your Bitcoin experience. This sleek and stylish device is not just a functional tool, but also a trendy accessory to showcase your Bitcoin savvy.

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Alerts

With its ability to integrate seamlessly with your lightning node or custodial wallet, the LNBCARD keeps you updated on transactions in real-time. Stay informed and connected to your Bitcoin transactions like never before.

Easy Connectivity and Portable Design

The LNBCARD is designed for convenience. Connect it to Wi-Fi and power it through a battery port for hassle-free usage. Its portable design makes it perfect for personal use, business enhancement, or as a unique gift.

Connect with NOSTr and ZAP Notifications (In development)

Enhance your Bitcoin experience with the LNBCARD’s capability to connect to your NOSTr account. Receive ZAP notifications directly, making it an all-in-one board for your Bitcoin activities.

This will be achieved on future firmware updates

Versatility for Various Settings

Wear your LNBCARD around to demonstrate its capabilities, or use it at your desktop, in your store, or gift it to a friend’s shop. It’s versatile enough to fit into various settings and uses.

Explore Advanced Bitcoin Lightning Features

Dive into the world of Bitcoin lightning with features like creating a lightning wallet, managing transactions, and exploring lightning communication methods (LNURL and more). The LNBCARD is your key to unlocking the advanced aspects of the Bitcoin world.

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